Captivating audiences from DC to NY to San Francisco, and from Canada to
Turkey, to see her perform is to know the real power of a woman’s body.  
Spellbinding, agile, sassy, tantalizing; these words only begin to describe
Miasia’s dancing. Audiences find themselves seduced by sensual movement
that explodes the myth of what large women can and will do with their bodies.

Miasia is a formally trained Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, who is also
experienced in burlesque. Her repertoire includes Turkish, Egyptian, and
American styles of Oriental Belly Dance.  She often accents her dance with
accompaniments such as veil, sword, finger cymbals and fans. Miasia’s
signature is to perform traditional Middle Eastern dance to a diverse blend of
soul-stirring music.  She has danced to everything from the late great Oum
Kalthoum to the current day stylings of Haifa Wehbe and Saad El Soghiayar.

Miasia has been a featured performer at numerous special events, including
national conferences like True Spirit (where it is a well known fact that
several were maimed as her enthralled audience rushed the stage). She has
graced concert halls, nightclubs, restaurants and stages all over the globe,
including the SF Pride Women’s stage where she was presented a prize for
her award-winning shimmies.

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"Miasia is an extraordinary dancer. Of all the thousands of women I
have taught, she is the best of the best. Her stage presence is
intoxicating and her joy is infectious. Miasia's technique is flawless,
but a true artist must be more than that. A master technician must be
warm and engaging. Miasia is what I call a heart, gut, soul dancer. I
was her first teacher and now it is she who teaches me. She has
diligently studied with the Egyptian experts and has finely tuned her
Egyptian skills with authenticity and flair. But her Turkish style is
powerful and true. I am proud to say that she can confidently carry on
my lineage when I finally hang up my zills one day.

Miasia is also a competent, patient and loving teacher. I recommend
her without hesitation as a performer, teacher and workshop

Bravo Miasia!"
                                                                   -Artemis Mourat